Worm Castings

There is a huge difference between Vermicompost and Pure Worm Castings.

Clarification is needed for terminology used with the terms worm castings and vermicompost. The term "vermicompost" is used much like "compost". Most people have no idea of how it is going to perform until they use it. Vermicompost contains worm castings and other organic matter that has been partially or fully composted. Who knows how much pure worm castings are found in vermicompost? The amount of pure worm castings will vary from batch to batch and from one vermicomposting facility to another. Introducing a handful of redworms into a compost pile does not produce a good quality of vermicompost.

Our pure worm Black Castings™ are just that - Pure Worm Castings. There are no variables. Each bag, each month and each year consistently delivers high quality Black Castings.™

Quality in - quality out that is what we are all about.

The Best Pure Worm Castings in Today's Market.

A quick and simple way to check the quality of so-called pure worm castings:


Bulk available in one-ton commercial tote bags. Our castings have a low moisture content so you are receiving more castings per ton. Can be used in landscaping & golf course turf management with present application methods.

Distributor prices available for case & pallet lots. Please call or e-mail for pricing. We also do custom bagging.

Quality Assurance Commitment to Customers


Material Safety Data Sheet - Worm Castings

1. Product Identification:
Product Name: Black Castings™
Effective Date: November 07, 2005
Supplier: Vermitechnology Unlimited
P.O. Box 130
Orange Lake, Fl 32681
Phone No: 352-591-1111

2. Composition:
Total Nitrogen 1.0%
Available Phosphate 0.5%
Soluble Potash 0.2%
Calcium 1.0%
Iron 0.2%
pH 6.8 – 7.0

3. Hazard Identification: Non-hazardous

4. First Aid: None required

5. Fire-fighting Measures: Non-flammable

6. Accidental Release Measure: None required

7. Handling and Storage: No special requirements

8. Exposure Controls, Personal Protection, and Exposure Limits: None required

9. Physical and Chemical properties: Non-toxic Organic Fertilizer

10. Stability & Reactivity: Not required

11. Disposal Considerations: None – environmental friendly

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