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Our Pure Black Castings™, by VermiTech, are just that. Pure worm castings with no sand or fillers. There are no variables. Each bag, each month and each year consistently delivers high quality Black Castings.™ For more background and information see our Black Castings page. The Black Castings Specifications Page has all the specs and directions for use of the Black Castings. The worm castings are OMRI listed which means that they are approved for organic production. The OMRI website has more details on this important designation for organic production. Our OMRI certificate for Black Castings can be viewed HERE.

Call or e-mail us today to get more product information, pricing and shipping costs. Black Castings™ come in many sized bags and weights.


Our Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, by Perma Guard, is known by the trade name "Fossil Shell Flour"®. It is from fresh water deposits which gives it a consistent diatom presence. This deposit has 89 - 95 percent amorphous silica content, a trace mineral mammals need to live. Our DE has many uses among them mixing it in animal feed. In feed is allows the food to "flow" better and it's absorption ability protects it from mold. See our DE information page for additional facts about DE. This DE is also OMRI listed.

Call or e-mail us for pricing and shipping info. DE comes in several sizes and has many different uses.

Mushroom Block

Mushroom Growing Blocks: Grow your own fresh organic mushrooms right at home. These blocks are ready to grow fresh mushrooms with minimal care. They will produce for up to 6 months and then can be ground up and used as fertilzer in your garden.

Instructions on how to use these Mushroom Blocks Click HERE. Read to see how easy it is. Print out a copy for use when you start growing your own. (PDF)

Contact us, call / e-mail for additional information.



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